GVO (good.vibes.only) Productions Presents Melody Renee “Stay Focused”

Melody Renee grown up in the hood of Detroit. Drugs, addiction, guns, incarceration were part of her up bringing. She had to deal with these things on a daily bases. She made a pack with herself “Melody Renee you better grow up, make better choices then your parents and peers.” She encouraged herself to never give up no matter how long it takes. “Life gave her lemons she made lemonade went to school stayed in the house not in the hood.” It’s not easy getting out of “the hood,” but when you do make it out, it’s a great feeling to remember where you came from and how hard you worked to get to where you are.

As a black woman, I feel it is time for the black race to realize that we are responsible for shaping our own destiny, have the power to re-write our stories as well as create the lives we desire. Not all black men who live in the Projects earn a living through selling drugs or will end up in prison at some point in their lives just as not all Caucasians who live in trailer parks are uneducated meth junkies who live off welfare and get their food from local area food bank. We need to rise above these stereotypes and define our own labels as individuals before we can do so as a family, community or race.
I am sure you know of people in your own life who have overcome adversities, not allowed Society to dictate what they could do and be and have gone on to do what was considered impossible with their lives. Maybe you are that person, yourself and have transcended limitations and become a success story and inspiration to others; if so, Kudos for not allowing yourself to fall through the cracks.

You’re beautiful, you’re smart, Important
Write your own story and determine that you will not become a statistic. “STAY FOCUSED”
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