Human Alien

Melody Reneé, born in Detroit to a drummer and a vocalist, was destined for entertainment fame. She taps into her extraterrestrial hustle side which she likes to call becoming a human-alien.

A Human Alien is someone who understands they are human and they are not perfect but also knows they have an enter strength that they must use to push themselves even under extremes circumstances out of the mud and into a galaxy of greatness.

A Human Alien basically parents themselves and is someone who motivates from within to become who the universe designed you to be.

Are You a Human Alien Too?

From Detroit to New York


Melody Renee remains loyal to her Detroit roots, she found her true calling while living in Brooklyn.

A stunning voice, and an affinity for performing, she is about to take the entertainment industry by storm. An accomplished female actress, recording  artist and entrepreneur, Melody Reneé remains driven on her path to success. She will “Never Gives Up” on her dreams, 4Real.

Despite her many talents, Melody Renee remains modest, down-to-earth, and is actively involved in human rights. She believes everyone deserves to be happy and free to be their true selves. Melody Renee’s mission is to give back to the world and be an inspiration to others. She hopes to tell everyone no matter what their circumstances are they too can aspire to greatness. She wants to continue to go to places like schools, prisons and hospitals, in order to motivate others to become whoever they are destined to be.

She motivate through song, specifically song therapy, as well coaching and giving encouragement to u and coming artist who want to take there career the next step and shows them the basic of  how you can  overcome certain obstacles.

Her goal is to remind Humans and Aliens  that as long they remain focused, work hard, and tell themselves every day “You can do this, just never give up on you”, You will accomplish and conquer the world 4real.

Life is like a rainbow. You need both rain and sun to make the colors appear so let the rain flow and put in the work.

                    ~Melody Renee

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