The MotherShip


Am I Day DREAMING???????

or have I really just stepped aboard the ship of all ships. The Mother ship and boy this boat has the most breathtaking views but some times it can get a bit rocky and I have gotten seasick a few times. Can you believe it? Y’all I’m a mama and a yummy one if I might add.

Smalls (baby) is one month old!

What an amazing first month—for us and baby! It’s hard to believe how much my day-to-day has changed now that this beautiful (and confusing!) human has entered the world and turned our life upside down. Our one-month-old baby is completely dependent on us, and we’re completely in love with him. I’m recovering from my c section and feeling more confident in my mommy abilities than I was a month ago. And with good reason- I’m trusting my instincts, putting baby first, and reading up on 1-month-old baby development and parenting advice, which is proof enough that I’m doing my best!

I thought I had somewhat of an idea what mommyhood would be like and I was wrong. I never thought I  would care about something this small.  If your prego or thinking about getting pregnant let me just tell you. It’s real yall; you just want to hold your baby all day and kiss him. The wonderful smell of a newborn is heavenly. I don’t know how to explain it to you but the baby just smells fantastic.

Now……… Aboard this parenthood ship Let us be real, It’s not beautiful all the time. The sore bleeding cracked nipples (the pain is like nothing else I can describe). The late-night dirty diapers  (i got peed on 3-4 times already) and the cries for ummmmmmmmm no reason (Baby is clean, feed, and burped)  that will make you lose a few brain cells.  Not to mission feeding and pumping every 2-3 hours (If your breastfeeding) Thank God I have an active and supportive spouse. He takes the early morning shift which works for us. He is up early with the shock market and I’m a night owl naturally up until 2 -4 am watching movies.

1 Month Milestones I have learned:

What Should My 1-Month-Old Be Doing? That’s the question every new parent asks. While every baby’s different, it’s typical for a 1-month-old baby to still be keeping his hands tight in fists. The baby probably jerks and quivers his arms and has keen reflexes. If he hasn’t started smiling already, he probably will this month—so exciting!

Song: Day Dreaming  By Melody Renee Available everywhere.