Stay Focused and Set Your Intentions

Setting intentions

Setting intentions is a great way to increase your likelihood of manifesting more of what you want, and this is because;

There is tremendous power in taking time to tap into what your heart and soul wants to experience and manifest and then declaring that to the universe!

And while most people might *think* that the best way to do this is to simply write a list of things they’d like to attract or achieve, there are other key components involved in actually getting your intention setting process to work more powerfully for you.

Like anything else, this will be a challenge. Staying Focus, as I said, is something before I’ve been struggling with and distraction isn’t something I’ll be able to just eliminate overnight.

But what I like about this two-word intention is that it’s not really a goal. There’s no bullseye at the end that you need to hit with your arrow. It’s a journey. It’s about constant growth.

So before you go running off to write your wish list for the year ahead, make sure you take action on the steps below! Let’s grow together