12 thoughts on “NEVER GIVE UP

  1. Wow Melody!! Fantastic this is Howard, Hunters dad. I’ve known you since you were 4 years old. Congratulations on everything keep pushing to the top!!

  2. I love the message in your video And the entire video itself. You have a unique and beautiful sound as well. And you are gorgeous!!🙌😍❤️✨✨✨
    Love & Light,

  3. Comment
    “Never Give Up” such an inspiring message that we need in times like this. I needed this message, thank you sweetheart. You are my inspiration to never give up no matter how bad things seem. Keep doing what your doing. We need your positive energy. I’ll never give up🥰❤💞🙏🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽

  4. God Sis🥰
    I totally love it I like the song I love the energy I love what you’re doing such a beautiful thing this is definitely a good look so proud of you!!!

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